Visualizing the global distribution of Evergreen installations from tarballs

In August I made a map of Koha installations based on geolocation of the IP addresses that retrieved the Koha Debian package. Here’s an equivalent map for Evergreen: As with the Koha map, this is based on the last 52 weeks of Apache logs as of the date of this post. I included only complete downloads of Evergreen […]

Evergreen Conference 2013 road trip

The next few days promise to be busy.  Tuesday morning, my first stop is Sea-Tac to pick up a couple other conference attendees who are flying in from the East Coast.  After a stop for lunch, it’s a straight shot up I-5 and BC-99 to Vancouver. Wednesday morning I’ll be bouncing around among the IG […]

Exploring memcached caches

Both Koha and Evergreen use memcached to cache user sessions and data that would be expensive to continually fetch and refetch from the database. For example, Koha uses memcached to cache MARC frameworks, while Evergreen caches search results, bibliographic added content, search suggestions, and other data. Even though the data that gets cached is transitory, […]

Evergreen Conference 2011 highlights

I had a great time at the Evergreen conference this year. Some of the highlights for me are: I got to see a lot of friends, both old and new. We started signing the fiscal sponsorship agreement (PDF) with the Software Freedom Conservancy. After the document crosses the country and back and gets the last […]

Database server disk space usage in Evergreen

I’ve had occasion recently to dig into how Evergreen uses space in a PostgresSQL database. Before sharing a couple queries and observations, here’s my number one rule for configuring a database server for Evergreen: allocate enough disk space. If you’re using a dedicated database server, you’ll need disk space to store the following: the database […]