The next few days promise to be busy.  Tuesday morning, my first stop is Sea-Tac to pick up a couple other conference attendees who are flying in from the East Coast.  After a stop for lunch, it’s a straight shot up I-5 and BC-99 to Vancouver.

Wednesday morning I’ll be bouncing around among the IG and committee meetings, and making a particular point of joining the Web Team and the Cataloging Working Group meetings.  I plan to spend most of the afternoon at the hackfest.

Thursday looks to be mostly sessions, but you may also find me distributing Evergreen t-shirts.

On Friday, I’ll be part of two presentations.  At noon, I’ll be talking about data quality and Evergreen, and at 2:30 I’ll be joining Rogan Hamby and Robin Johnson to talk about how networking affects Evergreen.

Saturday Friday morning I’ll be joining the other members of the Evergreen Oversight Board (and, I hope, other interested community members!) for our business meeting.  Later Saturday morning the Oversight Board will give an update to the conference.

And other than that?  I’m looking forward to attending the keynotes and catching some sessions.  But most of all, I’m looking forward to seeing friends old and new.

Update 9 April 2013: The Evergreen Oversight Board meeting was rescheduled to 8 a.m. on Friday.