My name is Galen Charlton. I am a programmer and manager working on library software, including Koha, Evergreen, and other open source projects. This blog is for my musings on libraries, software, metadata, and anything else that comes to mind.


Some people firmly separate their personal lives from their professional work when they blog.  I don’t; my work is part of the continuum of my life that doesn’t admit of separate little boxes (or, alternatively, I’m a boring git who talks about work too much, take your pick).  While nothing I say on this blog should be considered an official statement of my employer or any of the groups I’m affiliated with, they are of course influences.  Caveat lector.

As of Tuesday, 28 March 2017, my professional affiliations are:

  • I am a manager at the Equinox Open Library Initiative.  Equinox has a commercial interest in various open source projects for libraries, including Koha and Evergreen.
  • I am a contributor to both Koha and Evergreen.
  • I am release manager for Evergreen 3.0.
  • I hack on various small F/OSS projects related to libraries.
  • I am a member of the American Library Association and its LITA and ALCTS divisions.
  • I am active in the LITA Open Source Systems and Patron Privacy Technologies interest groups.
  • I am active in Mashcat, including helping to organize Mashcat activities.
  • I can be found on the #code4lib IRC channel.
  • I am chair of the Code4Lib Fiscal Continuity Interest Group.
  • Like everybody else in the library automation industry, I have friends and acquaintances at most or all of the big firms.

Past affiliations include:

  • I was release manager for Koha 3.2, 3.14, and 3.16.
  • Employment by Endeavor, Ex Libris, and LibLime.
  • I participated in the DLF ILS-DI meetings.
  • I was chair of the Evergreen Oversight Board
  • I was release manager for Evergreen 2.10.
  • I was the Debian packaging manager for Koha 16.05.
  • I was also a minority shareholder in Equinox Software before it converted to a nonprofit.
  • I was on the local planning committee, the scholarship committee, and the budget and sponsorship committee for the 2017 Code4lib conference. I also served as a duty officer.