Visualizing the global distribution of Koha installations from Debian packages

A picture is worth a thousand words: This represents the approximate geographic distribution of downloads of the Koha Debian packages over the past year. Data was taken from the Apache logs from, which MPOW hosts. I counted only completed downloads of the koha-common package, of which there were over 25,000. Making the map turned out […]

Securing Z39.50 traffic from Koha and Evergreen Z39.50 servers using YAZ and TLS

There’s often more than way to search a library catalog; or to put it another way, not all users come in via the front door.  For example, ensuring that your public catalog supports HTTPS can help prevent bad actors from snooping on patron’s searches — but if one of your users happens to use a […]

Ogres, hippogriffs, and authorized Koha service providers

What do ogres, hippogriffs, and authorized Koha service providers have in common? Each of them is an imaginary creature. Am I saying that Koha service providers are imaginary creatures? Not at all — at the moment, there are 54 paid support providers listed on the Koha project’s website. But not a one of them is “authorized”. I […]

Duplicate holidays, and a question

One can, in fact, have too many holidays. Koha uses the DateTime::Set Perl module when (among other things) calculating the next day the library is open. Unfortunately, the more special holidays you have in a Koha database, the more time DateTime::Set takes to initialize itself — and the time appears to grow faster than linearly […]

Koha Dev Tidbit #2: Pinpoint the difference

This morning I reviewed and pushed the patch for Koha bug 11174. The patch, by Zeno Tajoli, removes one character each from two files. One character? That should be easy to eyeball, right? Not quite — the character in question was part of a parameter name in a very long URL. I don’t know about […]

Koha Dev Tidbit #1: control of space

Space doesn’t matter, except when it does. The other day Koha bug 11308 was filed reporting a problem with the public catalog search RSS feed. This affected just the new Bootstrap theme. The bug report noted that when clicking on the RSS feed icon, the page rendered “not like an rss feed should”. That means […]

How to participate in the KohaCon 2013 hackfest from afar

The next few days will be pretty intense for me, as I’ll be joining friends old and new for the hackfest of the 2013 Koha Conference. Hackfest will be an opportunity for folks to learn things, including how to work with Koha’s code, how and why librarians do the things they do — and how […]

Musings on Koha’s database-dependent tests

One number I quite like today is 99. That’s the difference between the count of explicitly enumerated tests in Koha’s master branch as of 19 May (1,837) and the count today (1,936)1. So far in the 3.14 cycle, eleven people have contributed patches that touch t/. In particular, there’s been quite a bit of work […]