The Internet Archive had this to say earlier today: Access to physical libraries is neither universal nor equitable. We hope to put books in the hands of learners worldwide with #100andchange https://t.co/TCC4Ney6uq — Internet Archive (@internetarchive) February 15, 2017 This was in response to the MacArthur Foundation announcing that the IA is a semifinalist for […]

ALA and recognizing situations for what they are

As I suspect is the case with many members, my relationship with the American Library Association runs hot and cold. On the one hand, like Soylent Green, ALA is people: I have been privileged to meet and work with many excellent folk through ALA, LITA, and ALCTS (though to complete the metaphor, sometimes I’ve seen […]

An easy vote

A political post for today. Two and a half weeks ago I stood in line for a hour in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia and participated in early voting. Some of the decisions I had to make were a little difficult. Consider the statewide ballot initiatives. Two of them were about allocating money for specific purposes […]

Visualizing the global distribution of Evergreen installations from tarballs

In August I made a map of Koha installations based on geolocation of the IP addresses that retrieved the Koha Debian package. Here’s an equivalent map for Evergreen: As with the Koha map, this is based on the last 52 weeks of Apache logs as of the date of this post. I included only complete downloads of Evergreen […]

How to build an evil library catalog

Consider a catalog for a small public library that features a way to sort search results by popularity. There are several ways to measure “popularity” of a book: circulations, hold requests, click-throughs in the catalog, downloads, patron-supplied ratings, place on bestseller lists, and so forth. But let’s do a little thought experiment: let’s use a random number […]

The blossoming of the Mellie-cat

Sixteen years is long enough, surely, to get to know a cat. Nope. Amelia had always been her mother’s child. She had father and sister too, but LaZorra was the one Mellie always cuddled up to and followed around. Humans were of dubious purpose, save for our feet: from the scent we trod back home Mellie […]