An easy vote

A political post for today. Two and a half weeks ago I stood in line for a hour in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia and participated in early voting. Some of the decisions I had to make were a little difficult. Consider the statewide ballot initiatives. Two of them were about allocating money for specific purposes […]

The blossoming of the Mellie-cat

Sixteen years is long enough, surely, to get to know a cat. Nope. Amelia had always been her mother’s child. She had father and sister too, but LaZorra was the one Mellie always cuddled up to and followed around. Humans were of dubious purpose, save for our feet: from the scent we trod back home Mellie […]

Our move, by the numbers

We’ve landed in Atlanta, having completed our move from Seattle driving cross-country.  Here are some numbers to ponder, with apologies to Harper’s magazine. Humans: 2 Cats: 3 Miles as the car rolls: 3,600 Miles per gallon: 42.1 Average speed of the car: 174,720 furlongs per fortnight Seconds spent pondering whether to use furlongs or smoots for […]