Preconference at ALA: Migrating to Open Source Library Systems

There are a lot of programs related to free and open source software at the Annual meeting of the American Library Association this year, but I am particularly looking forward to the LITA preconference on migrating to open source library systems, which I helped organize along with the LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group.  The main speakers are:

  • Terry Reese, Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services, Oregon State University, who will be presenting on MarcEdit.
  • David Lindahl, Web Initiatives Manager, University of Rochester, who will be discussing the XC project, evaluating open source with users in mind, migrating and managing metadata, and interoperating the ILS with other open source software.
  • Brenda Chawner, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, who will discuss the Kete community digital archive platform and building communities to contribute to open source software.

I will also be presenting on techniques for loading data into open source ILSs, and I know that a number of people with experience working with and migrating to open source library software will be present to share their expertise.

The preconference will be in the Monroe Room at the Hilton Washington and will run from 9 to 4:30 on Friday, 25 June 2010.  It is a paid preconference of LITA, but I will be blogging it and sharing the thoughts and insights of the speakers and participants with the world.  As far as I know, if you will be attending ALA, it is still possible to register for the preconference.

But wait!  There’s more!  There is another LITA preconference on Friday. related to F/OSS software, the “Open Source CMS Playroom” which will be lead by Karen Coombs from OCLC and Amanda Hollister from LISHost.  For more details, check out the LITA events page.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Preconference at ALA: Migrating to Open Source Library Systems by Galen Charlton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Hello Galen: I really enjoyed the presentations. Many thanks for doing a great job. Is it possible to get a copy of the slides for the one presentation you did in the afternoon? Or are the presentations posted somewhere? I would love to share the slides with some of my colleagues who could not attend the workshop. Thanks very much! JC@Loudoun County Public Library.

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