Entering 2019

A very brief post to start the new year. I’m not inclined to make elaborate resolutions for the new year other than being very firm that I will stop writing “2018” in dates by the end of March… or maybe April.

But seriously, I do want to write and engage more this year and more actively try new things. As I’m doing, right now, by trying WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor. Beyond that? We’ll see.

A brief digression on Gutenberg: I will bet a bag of coffee that the rollout of Gutenberg will become a standard case study in software management course syllabi. It encapsulates so many points of conflict: open source governance and the role of commercial entities in open source communities; accessibility and the politics of serving (or not) all potential users; technical change management and the balance between backwards compatibility and keeping up to date with modern technology (or, more cynically, modern fashions in technology); and managing major changes to the conceptual model required to use a piece of software. (And an idea for a future post, either by me or anybody who wants to run with it: can the transition of WordPress’s editor from a document-based model to a block-based modal be usefully compared with the transition from AACR2/ISBD to RDA/LRM/LOD/etc.?) Of course, the situation with Gutenberg is evolving, so while initial analyses exist, obviously no definitive post mortems have been written.

But before I let this digression run away from me… onwards to 2019. May everybody reading this have a happy new year, or at least better one than 2018.

Hecate the tortoiseshell asleep, facing the camera, and curled up behind me in my chair.
Hecate sleeping behind me in my chair. Her New Year’s resolutions are pretty clear: play, sleep, and eat. Also, torment her humans and her brother/uncle cats.

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