Your comment spam will be graded: points off for plagiarism

I saw a particularly annoying form of comment spam in Dorothea Salo’s excellent summary of various kinds of open information:

screenshot of plagiaristic comment spam
screenshot of plagiaristic comment spam

The author link points to the site of what appears to be a Turkish dietary supplement vendor.  Just a bit off-topic, unless this is somehow a subtle way of announcing that they’re releasing their supplement under an open recipe license.  What really steams me: the text was copied from one of my comments on the post.

Failing grade for plagiarism.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Your comment spam will be graded: points off for plagiarism by Galen Charlton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

4 thoughts on “Your comment spam will be graded: points off for plagiarism

  1. I’ve been getting a lot of strangely pseudo-topical spam on my blog lately too. The first person to create real AI will be a spammer. SkyNet will try to sell you V1agr4.

  2. ARGH. I get a fair few of those and usually notice them pretty quickly, but in the commotion at my job last week, this one got missed. It’s been bitbucketed, and I do apologize for not catching it immediately.

  3. Dorothea – thanks, and no apologies necessary. I was just commenting on this new-to-me form of comment spam, especially since it was goring my ox.

  4. Yes, I’ve gotten similar spam on my blog as well.

    It’s also increasingly common for folks to dash a sentence off vaguely related to the topic of a post, along with an ad-link in their “name” (which is often keywords in that case). I assume these are real people who hope to “get paid to write online” and are trying to leave as many comments as they can around the net in a short time.

    I used to give those the benefit of the doubt and kill the link while leaving the comment, but it’s common enough now that I now just routinely mark the entire comment as spam and delete it.

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